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Republic of Srpska
Public Health Institute

Републике Српскa
Институт за јавно здравство

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Director’s Welcome

The Public Health Institute was founded in 1929 and today represents a highly specialized health institution, with scope of activities and operation prescribed by the Law on Health Care.

The Public Health Institute is currently involved in surveillance, investigation and study of public’s health condition and its sanitary culture, condition and quality of living environment, causes, emergence and spreading of contagious and non-contagious diseases of socio-medical relevance, impact of ecologic factors on health and work and health service development. We suggest and undertake certain measures with the aim to protect and promote people’s health. We are focused on policy strengthening of health promotion, disease prevention, strengthening of social equality within the frame of sustainable development through multi-sartorial approaches, strengthening and responsibility for health in community.

Health promotion will represent the process of enabling both individuals and community to enhance control over the health determinants, thus making permanent advances.

In order to perform entrusted tasks in a high quality and responsible manner, the Public Health Institute undertakes important activities regarding certification and accreditation of Public Health Institute according to ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 Standards for laboratories. The Public Health Institute does not strive to acquire mere certificates, but to totally change its operation and mind of its employees according to effective international standards. Our goal is to be the first and the best.

I am committed, within my powers, using all available resources, to implement and promote quality policy, expecting the same from all employed with the Institute.

Slobodan Stanić, MD

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